William Turner es el pintor de la luz por la luminosidad de sus cuadros

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Otros cuadros de William Turner


Turner, Procession of Boats with Distant Smoke, Venice c1845

Turner, Queen Mab’s Cave 1846

Turner, Quillebeuf, at Mouth of Seine 1833

Turner, Rain, Steam & Speed – Great Western Railway ante 1844

Turner, Rape of Proserpine 1839

Turner, Rotterdam Ferry-Boat 1833

Turner, S Giorgio Maggiore, Early Morning 1819

Turner, San Giorgio Maggiore at Dawn 1819

Turner, Shade & Darkness – Evening of Deluge 1843

Turner, Sheerness vista dal Nore 1808

Turner, Shipwreck 1805

Turner, Slave Ship 1840

Turner, Snow Storm – Steam-Boat off Harbour’s Mouth c1842

Turner, Snow Storm, Hannibal & Army Crossing Alps 1812

Turner, Snowstorm 1842

Turner, Staffa, Fingal’s Cave 1832

Turner, Stonehenge 1828

Turner, storm

Turner, stormy sea, sketch

Turner, Sunrise between 2 Headlands

Turner, Sunrise with Sea Monsters c1845

Turner, Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus 1829

Turner, Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus 1829

Turner, Undine Giving Ring to Massaniello 1846

Turner, Vale of Ashburnham 1816

Turner, Venice, Dogana & San Giorgio Maggiore 1834

Turner, Vesuvius Erupting

Turner, War, Exile & Rock Limpet 1842

Turner, Yarmouth Sands

Turner, Yorkshire River 1827

Turner, Prince of Orange, William III, Embarked from Holland c1832

Turner, Morning After Deluge – Moses Writing Book of Genesis 1843

Turner, Lake of Zug, Early Morning 1843

Turner, Calais Pier

Turner, Slave Ship 1840

Turner, Whalers Entangled in Flaw Ice, Endeavoring to Extricate Themselves c1846

Turner, Norham Castle, Sunrise c1845

Turner, Church of Notre-Dame & Saint-Laurent, with Château of Louis-Philippe beyond 1845

Turner, Whale Ship 1845

Turner, Van Goyen Looking out for Subject 1833

Turner, Fishermen at Sea 1796

Turner, Venice from Porch of Madonna della Salute c1835


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